• Our Vision

    Our vision is that all children should have the right to fair and equal access to high quailty education so they may be lifted out of illiteracy.

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  • Our Mission

    Our mission, through a combination of financial funding and volunteers is to share and exchange knowledge on education, health, well being and ethics

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  • Your Support

    Dohdal cannot achieve it’s mission without the generous support of it’s donors and we will always be grateful for any
    support given.

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The Dohdal Organization

We develop and promote education

The children in rural Cambodia have little but dreams. They are the future of the country and a good education is an imperative as a basic human necessity. Children who live in the rural communities have never received a quality English education as government school curriculum is restricted to only the study of Khmer, unfortunately many rural families cannot afford to send their children for private tuition.

Today, English is an international language that is more and more practiced in Cambodia and required to communicate in our society. This reality lead the Dohdal Organization to form its first project focusing on education. Moreover, Dohdal’s fight for education is targeting one of the main roots of poverty – illiteracy. Developing and promoting education is ensuring the creation of an educated and well-formed society where poverty will decrease in the future.

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Our Focus

  • English Education

    Our informal English program aims to give a chance for children to study a foreign language early and to provide additional support for children who study in public school

  • Pre-school

    Our pre-school’s primary purpose is to reduce the early dropping out of school by focusing on 4 main learning areas – physical, emotional, social and cognitive learning

  • Health

    Dohdal aims to improve the physical health of the target group by providing them basic health education and to teach them how to identify and prevent health issues.

  • Spiritual well-being and ethics

    Dohdal works with volunteer Buddhist monks to provide monthly Buddhist philosophy to children and youths to establish spiritual basis for their future life

  • Field Trips

    Dohdal organize field trips annually in different destinations in Cambodia. It is an exciting time for children to discover the beauties of their country

  • Family Meetings

    An annual meeting is held at the Dohdal facility – aiming to raise awareness on the value of education, child’s rights, child abuses and protection

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How you can help

Donations given to Dohdal Organization


There are many ways to donate to support our work. We are always in need educational materials like text books, exercise books, pens, pencils, stickers coloring books, art materials, printing papers, coloring papers, toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps. etc. Most of these donation items can be bought cheaply in local market. We also welcome any financial support that can be given.

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Sophan washing young boy's hair


You can volunteer your time and expertise if you think you might have a skill that will help Dohdol grow. Whether you are an educator, health professional or just want to help make Dohdal better we welcome your support.

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