Who we are

Our Mission

To provide supplementary education focused on Khmer and English language skills, Information Technology and life skills, to children in the local rural area.
To promote, motivate and raise awareness to parents or guardians of the value and benefits of sending their children to school.
To develop the school in close collaboration with parents or guardians, the teachers, and the children, in order to improve quality of education.
To monitor and provide technical programs on human rights and law (children and women especially), human trafficking and child abuses prevention, and health care and morality.

Our Team

  • Pheng Sophanet

    Pheng Sophanet – Administrative Manager

    Pheng Sophanet (also known as Phanet) is from Toul Pongro Village where DOHDAL Organisation is based. He has a strong commitment to his village and the educational advancement of the children. He understands the necessity for poor rural children to get a well-rounded English education and the importance this education will be for the present and future development of Cambodia.
    Phanet has been a volunteer contributor to DOHDAL Organisation for many years which gives him a very good insight into the needs of the school, children, teachers and the community in general. In December 2016 he became the Administrative Manager of DOHDAL Organisation.
    Phanet’s employment history makes him an ideal candidate for the role as Administrative Manager for DOHDAL Organization. He has a very extensive administrative background, from his time working with the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia to his most recent position as the administrative manager for a very successful tour company (Mango Cambodia) based in Phnom Penh. He has a University Degree in Development Economic and is presently studying for a Masters Degree in International Business.
    Phanet’s natural rapport with children and the staff along with his conscientious work ethic will certainly be an asset to DOHDAL Organisation.

  • Han Tola

    Tola joined Dohdal organisation in 2009 as an English teacher. As the only son of a poor family he carries a lot of responsibility to look after his family and thus pursued teaching. He completed his professional education in pedagogy. Then in 2005 he began working as a teacher in a state secondary school. Presently, he teaches mathematics part time at a secondary school and spends the rest of his time teaching English for Dohdal.

  • Ly Malis

    Malis began working as an English teacher for Dohdal organisation in 2010.  He completed his professional training in pedagogy to become an official teacher then returned to his village to begin work in a state school. Currently he teaches history and English in the secondary school and English for Dohdal. Malis is a very committed teacher who enjoys his job and is devoted to providing education to Cambodian children for his lifetime.

  • Yan Kreshna

    Kresna joined Dohdal organisation in 2011 as a Teacher’s Supervisor focusing on the teaching program and administration. He was awarded his official teaching degree in 2008 after successfully completed his pedagogy training. He then returned to his village to teach at his local secondary school. Currently he teaches Khmer and English literature at the state secondary school and works for Dohdal. He is a quiet person with a good relationship with our team and the school children. He is committed to motivating all parents or guardians to send their children to school viewing education as very important for their future

  • Tom M Bartley, C.E.T., Calgary, AB, Canada – Volunteer Manager of Funding and Financial Distribution, DOHDAL Organization

    Tom and his partner became involved with DOHDAL for over 7 years ago and were instrumental in raising money to build the present school. Tom and his partner feel strongly about helping the young people of rural Cambodia reach their full potential regardless of the barriers that are often thrown in their paths. It is also his commitment to organizations such as DOHDAL that he has taken on a more active role as Volunteer Manager of Funding and Financial Distribution. This position fits perfectly with is desire to promote responsible tourism and giving back whenever possible both financially and personally.
    Please feel free to contact Tom for more information.

  • Pheng Sophan

    Pheng Sophan

    Sophan is the founder and executive director for Dohdal organization. During his childhood he always dreamt of becoming an educated person. As he grew up in his rural village he became convinced of the importance of education for all the children in his community. This inspired him to provide them with access to free education focused initially on communication skills to create greater opportunities for them. Sophan has also worked for 8 years with an International Organisation managing volunteer placements for young people and professionals from developed countries to Cambodia. He has also worked abroad in Malaysia and achieved a degree in Business Administration Management and Masters in Public Relations and Communication.