A dream becomes true…

In 2012 I was in Cambodia for the first time. There I have met Sophan, a young and very well educated Cambodian. He was telling me about his dream and his visions to build a school in his village where he was growing up. For this purpose he created an organization (Dohdal) to enable the children the possibility to go to school for free and to learn for life. I was very impressed and excited about this project and his vision and so I decided to support him.

Two years later in 2014…
I’m back in Cambodia and already wondering what kind of progresses Sophan had made with his project. Sophan offered me to stay at his parents’ house to see the new school which was completely built in 2013. Sophan picked me up at the hotel and brought me to his village. His family gave me a warm-hearted welcome and I was deeply touched by their love and kindness. The school was built right next to the house of Sophan’s parents and I caught a first glance of it when Sophan showed me around his neighborhood. It was a beautiful school with two classrooms. At the moment, there are 200 children who enjoy going to school from Monday until Friday. Sophan invited me to meet the children and I was very impressed with what I have seen and heard from the children. They were talking about their dreams and what they would like to be in the future. I have seldom seen so happy children!

This school is a huge benefit and success and all the credits go to Sophan and his family which supported him and all the children throughout the entire project. Sophan’s parents play a fundamental role in this school. I have never seen something like that before. I know now that my donation for this school was well spent and the only thing I can do, is to recommend the people who visit Cambodia to do the same thing and help this poor country for a better future. With our donation we can give the Cambodian children the opportunity to get a better life. These children are the FUTURE OF CAMBODIA, let us help them.

My precious thanks for this impression go to Sophan and his lovely family.

Silvia Schär, Switzerland

The first time I met Sophan was in 2010, during my first visit to Cambodia as a volunteer. I was impressed by his energy and enthusiasm in helping his people. I visited Sophan’s native village and met his family. I’ll never forget their kindness to me! And I never forget the rural school near Sophan’s house, the children with their open faces, the young teachers struggling to teach English in such a difficult condition! I fully understood Sophan’s project: open doors to the future of Cambodian young people. From that time on I have been doing my best in helping Sophan to reach his goals. I told the story to my friends and colleagues at the University of Perugia: we collect funds for Sophan’s school and we learnt from Sophan how efficient and honest one must be to make dreams true. It was a great day when we saw pictures of the new school. We are greatly proud of having help Cambodian people!

Nora Babudri, Italy

I have known Sophan Pheng since I was a volunteer with Project Abroad in 2010 for 2 months, in which Sophan was employed as a coordinator. I spoke with him on wanting to visit the slums, a school and a village. This resulted in him inviting me to go to his village and meet his family. I forgot he had mentioned his brother, Sophea was getting married that day. Through this venture I met my great friends of Mr and Mrs Pheng and their children – Sophan, Sophea, Sophanet and Sophanna who I have met up with each time I return to Cambodia.
I visited the village of Toul Pong Ro on numerous occasions and had the opportunity to attend the Toul Pong Ro English school and assist with running and later on it became a formal organization, named Dohdal in Khmer language meaning grow widely. As I could see there was a shortage of books written in English, I returned to Australia to gain donation of goods to send to the village and the school. I have been a guest of the Pheng family on many occasions and have seen Sophan’s vision of a school he developed at the bottom of his traditional house to the new building of the Dohdal organisation. With Sophan’s vision it has allowed the children of the community to gain an opportunity for further education in order to gain future employment and a higher living standard. I trust and fully motivate him to pursue his social activities.

Helen Donan , Australia

Hello ,

My name is Korn Chantha, I have only one son, aged 5 years old. I currently live with my parent since my husband had left me and my son few years ago. My job is garment factory worker. My work place is very far from my village, so I have to get up early every day before 6:00 pm , prepare some foods for my son and leave them at my parents’s home. He has to stay with my parents whole day. Time I have to spend with my son not that much because I come back from work later evening. In my village, there is no kindergarten school, luckily Dohdal organization established the kindergarten program which gave me a chance to send son to study.

Now, my son knows how to write basic Khmer and English, number, fairy tale telling and so on. Every day, he keeps telling me about his class. I remembered when I sent his there in the first time he did not want to go, but now he is different. He is keen to go to school.

I want to express my deep thanks Dohdal organization for allowing my son to study there. I know Sophan for long time, he is a very generous and helpful man.

I wish him all the best,



My name is Nov Sin, I have been living in Tuol Pong Ro Village many years before civil war started in Cambodia. My husband has passes way during the Khmer Rouge regime, left me and daughter alone. A few years ago, daughter got married and had two daughters. Living condition is the main challenging for our family. My daughter and son-in-law have decided to migrate to Thailand last 3 years, and I had to look after my both granddaughters. I personally do not want to both granddaughters to follow my footstep. I want to see them have a good future. I wanted them to have well-educated like Sophan.

Now, I sent both of them to study at Dohdal organization. I do not know how to find the right word how happy I am that Dohdal organization allowed my both granddaughter to study there. Without this organization, I would say there is nowhere to send them both.
Sophan is the role model in my family; I wish my granddaughters can be able to do like him in the future. I always advise my both granddaughter to follow his to track.

Thanks so much Sophan,


Hello my Name is Sorn Hourn,

I am very happy for my youngest son, Channa who was allowed to study at Dohdal organization. My husband and I are farmer, we both work at the field every day from early morning until later afternoon. This is the reason why we do not have much time to spend with our children. Every early morning, we have to prepare some foods for our children and send them to stay with our neighbour relatives.

Due to Dohdal organization, had set up a new class for kindergarten, this is a great chance for us to send our children to study . Firstly it is very hard for our boy to study, but day by day I can see his progression. Even though I have to work hard every day, but I am very happy to see his progression. He is very smart boy, we love him, and we want him to have a good job in the future.

We would like to thanks to Dohdal organization so much for allowing my boy to study, especially Sophan who is always kind –not only my family but also all people live in our community.

We wish him have a bright future.

Thank you,



My name is Thay Savoarn. My husband and I are farmer. Our job is only so different from the rest of the people in my village. We spend whole day most of the time in the field. We both had two children, both of them are studying at the Dohdal organisation, one of them study kindergarten and another one studies English part time.

Of course, after our physical work at the field for long day, we return home with fatigueness, but our energy refill after we see our children, specially when they know how to speak, read, and write. Day by day we can see clearly their progression. This is the evidence to prove that Dohdal organisation is doing very good job. Withour Dohdal, we do not think that our children can learn anything these. We are really grateful Sophan who is always helpful to our family and the rest of our people in our community.

We wish his all the best , and want Dohdal to carry on its activities to help all the children in our village.

Thank you,

Savoarn and my husband